Saturday, June 14, 2008

Going Green...Gradually

My brother and my aunt are rather eco-conscience. I think that we should work to take steps to become more earth friendly. I already drive one of the most fuel efficient SUVs on the market (go CR-Vs!) and I replaced 85% of the lights in my house with compact fluorescent light bulbs (the other ones I didn't replace are those effect type lights that are in bathrooms and overhead lights). For my birthday I got a bike. I would love to think that this will help me spread my environmental love but I live on a very busy highway. I'm hoping that I can at least use it to pick up groceries from the store right behind my complex (which isn't on the busy highway, no worries Dad).
And today at the supermarket I picked up a reusable grocery bag. Every time I go to the store I'll pick up another just like it until I don't use plastic bags any more.
As part of loving my earth I decided to stash dive and see what I could make of my scraps. The whole reduce, reuse, recycle thing. I was almost knocked over when I opened my yarn box. I put in a lavender scented moth bar a few weeks ago since I hear moth season is upon us. It should be noted I put in one little bar (about the size of your palm) and I only half opened the container before I stuck it in with the yarn.
I'm really glad that's all I did. It was quite potent. And my yarn smelled a little wonky because some of it is 100% wool and smells like clean sheep (Patons merino). But it's better than having my projects and yarn eaten by little flying devils.

Once I had sneezed a few times I was able to gain composure enough to find this:
Some Bernat Softee Chunky. I really like the feel of this yarn. I have 3 colors of varying amounts but I think I'm going to try and make a baby blanket out of this. A mod on this pattern probably. I know that I already have another baby blanket underway but I just want something that doesn't involve seaming or coming up with a hundred variations on a single block pattern. Hopefully it will go quickly while I watch The Fifth Element on TV.

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