Friday, September 21, 2012


Dear friends, we have a situation on our hands. Today I went and shipped 4 boxes to the Special Helping School in Sliven, Bulgaria where special needs orphans receive schooling. Through our work with the Linda McDonald Foundation and a generous donation from the Molnar family from North Carolina we were able to make sure that all the children got some warm pajamas and new socks for the long, cold winter ahead. The shipment was immense and the cost was staggering. We were able to cover 75% of the cost but there is still $575 that needs to be raised. The shipment was sent via an account and we will need to pay back the costs in about 3 weeks.

In the past, through the generosity of our members, we have raised $1000 in just 30 days. This is possible and I'm trusting that everyone will rise to the occasion. These children are precious and if we don't support them then who will? You can see for yourselves the recipients of these gifts on the school's Facebook page. Please consider donating the cost of a cup of coffee, a movie, or one meal out to help us meet our goal.

If you would like to donate just click on the link below:

We appreciate your support of the Eastern European and Russian Orphanages Project as we work to meet the needs of orphans and vulnerable children.

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