Saturday, March 10, 2012

Just a Second

I literally have 5 minutes to make this posting before I have to get back into school work. My week has been super busy with starting a new job, being social, and trying to finish up the next to last week of school (for this quarter). I just had to share though: I met my goal of raising $1000 for my return trip to Romania in just 8 days. 8 days, people! That is so awesome! So, I'm not going to stop, I'm going to see how far this can go. The next milestone? $2000 in 21 days. Yep, I want to raise $2000 by the end of this month. How can you participate?

1. Donate through Heart to Heart International, the organization I will be traveling with. Their donation page is here. You can give online or send in a check. You can even sign up to give monthly (which would be great because I plan to travel at least twice a year to Romania). Make sure to designate your gift to Melissa Brown.

2. Buy a t-shirt. All the proceeds from my apparel shop will go towards this trip.

3. Buy some yarn. The monies raised from my shop will also be used towards this trip. As an added bonus you can use the coupon code "marchmadness" and get 15% off your purchase for the entire month of March.

Please consider donating something to help me return to my kids. I miss them terribly and they need a little love and caring after losing so much in life already. So... let's see if we can raise $2000 in 21 days!

Next posting: Updates on knitting! With pictures!

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