Thursday, March 1, 2012

1000 in 31

Today starts a new month and I feel refreshed and ready for it! As we head into spring I've been thinking over a new project that I wanted to start. It's a push to help me raise enough money in just 3 months to go back to Romania this summer.
I mean, who couldn't wait to get back to these sweet faces!

The first campaign I'm launching is called 1000 in 31. I'm going to try and raise $1000 during the 31 days of March. Sound like a big task? It's really not. According to Facebook I have 645 friends. If each friend gave $1.55 I would raise the entire $1000. $1.55, that's less than a cup of coffee at Starbucks! You can barely find anything on the McDonald's menu for cheaper than that! I bet you have $1.55 in change in your couch cushions.

But why give? Because these children have zero stability in their lives. They need constant reassurance that someone is there for them. They are waiting for me to come back, literally! I have their notes on my dresser urging me to come back quickly. If I come back then they see that there is someone who cares. Someone who keeps their word. Someone who loves them enough to beg people on the internet for money just for a plane ticket. If I can raise all $3000 I need for this trip I can spend 3 weeks with them. 3 weeks of playing games. 3 weeks of snuggling. 3 weeks of bringing a little happiness and change to their normally dull and monotonous lives. And, as always, I will be taking a big suitcase of donations with me: clothes, toys, crafts, toiletries. Things we take for granted but that they have rationed out on a daily basis.

So, convinced yet? Great! Then go to this link here. You can send in a donation or make an online contribution. Make sure to include a note that the money is to be used for Melissa Brown. Or maybe you want to get something for your money. That's cool to. Go here and check out the shirts in my apparel shop. All the proceeds go towards this trip. Or maybe you don't care about supporting me and would rather just help orphans in general. Awesome! We still need to raise money to send some blankets to Russia. 75+ blankets. Visit the EEROP website and donate to shipping costs. While you're there check out the list of needed items and think about sending one (or two or ten) of those in my direction.

I appreciate your support in helping the orphans of Eastern Europe! Let's make March an awesome month!

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