Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Pathological Need to Snuggle

One of the gals on Twitter and I determined that the reason why I'm making so many blankets is that I have a pathological need to snuggle. I think we're on to something.

Exhibit A:
The Moderne Log Cabin Blanket. Production has been temporarily halted as I ran out of red yarn 10 rows before the color block was finished. I have plenty more I just need to dig it out.
This thing is huge and I'm not even finished with the third block! This makes it a little unwieldy to drag out and around but it's good mindless knitting when I do pull it out. Would love to be finished with this by October but seeing as how there are only 8 days left in August that may be a pipe dream.

Exhibit B:
Square, Not A Circle Blanket.
Really enjoying seeing how this blanket is taking shape. I'm just using up bits of bulky odds and ends I had laying around. It's seriously depleting my bulky yarns! The only problem is the needles. Using my Boye interchangables and have linked several cables together with the connectors. This is a great beginners set of interchangable needles but they're just not doing the trick any more. The joins between the needles and cables aren't always smooth, the cables are extremely unflexable, and when I join the cables together to make them longer they don't lie flat. This makes moving the stitches around extremely difficult as they usually snag or get log jammed at one of the "corners" where the cables are connected. I really want some 60" Addis but I'm not sure I'm ready to fork over $20+ for the pair. Especially on my self-employment salary.

Exhibit C:
"Assuring" Afghan.
This may actually be my favorite blanket that I'm currently working on. I love that it's going fast thanks to big needles and worsted weight yarn held double. It's interesting enough that I have to sort of pay attention to it but not so complicated that I can't watch a movie or read a few blogs while working on it. And I can attest to the fact that even though it's acrylic it's still warm as I've had it on my lap for several nights working on it. Will definitely be making more afghans from this book when I finish this one.

Exhibit D:
Purple Mitered Square Blanket. While I haven't done anything with this recently it's still marinating in my room ready to be called to action. With several of the above blankets getting too large to schlep around this might be the perfect "on the go" project.

Now I'm off to snuggle with my blankets and satisfy some deep seated urge in my being.

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