Saturday, July 2, 2011

Matchy Hat

If I did everything correctly then this post should be showing up on Saturday, after I've already gotten to Romania. If not, well, then enjoy the extra post but be sure to read the one below this one for an extra crazy pants story about my life.

As I mentioned in the previous post I managed to finish a matchy-ish hat for the wavy scarf. I used the Noro Spiral One-Skein Hat pattern. I thought it was a little bit wavy and a good showcase for the yarn.
The spirals at the top are definitely the coolest part.
I didn't block the hat but I think that it will be ok. It worked up very quickly. I started it on Tuesday and worked on it when I took my baby sitting charges to the pool on Wednesday. Yes, I said the pool. And it was hot. And this is a wool blend yarn. But I'm hard core like that. Finished it up on Thursday night and packed it up to take with me to Romania.
Here the hat rests on my computer on Thursday afternoon while I read the Redshirt Knitting Blog.

Also, just for fun, I did a little photo shoot with the finished scarf before I packed it up.
Here it is drying on my bedroom floor. It was quite long.
I modeled it in my closet with the full length mirror trying to get the total effect. Things about this picture that I have noted: 1. My closet looked super stuffed in this picture so I cropped most of it out. 2. I look kind of inflated in this picture. Like I'm wearing three shirts. 3. This scarf is of Dr. Who proportions. Or maybe it's just because I'm super short and this is a loooong scarf.
Ohhhh! I made a pretty thing! So, there it is. My wavy scarf and matchy hat.
What to make next...

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