Friday, July 22, 2011

All Romania, All the Time

Let's see...where were we...ah, yes, Wednesday...

We started the day at the "Little Kids Orphanage" about 15 minutes from the Heart to Heart house. We told the Bible story of the wise and the foolish man and did the song that goes with it. Then we made bracelets and played with the kids before it started to rain and we headed out for the day.

 Showing off our necklaces and bracelets.

Playing with the parachute.

The afternoon was spent at the second orphanage. We did the Bible story and song again and then started making necklaces and bracelets. It threatened to rain again so we took the kids indoors for play time.

 We made this necklace at least 4 times. Needless to say I think she's a process beader.
 Silly faces while cuddling.
 Making a log cabin.
 Love, love, LOVE this tough guy.
And his brother!

Thursday morning we went to the piazza for some shopping where I got some beautiful hand painted eggs and other souvenirs. That afternoon it was back to the baby hospital. The hospital was miserable that afternoon. It was super hot, the babies were dressed in long sleeved footed pajamas (!), and there was less help there. Romanians are very superstitious about catching a chill from drafts so apparently they had decided that the babies were too cold and needed to be bundled up. We were all sweating and miserable that day. After dinner that night myself and several other team members decided to walk down to the corner grocery store for candy, ice cream and Mountain Dew. Then we went for a little walk around the neighborhood.
 The Heart to Heart house.
 The neighborhood. We were in a pretty affluent area so there were some really nice houses and cars.
The lake (or was it a river?) along one side of the neighborhood.

Friday it was back to the "Little Kids Orphanage" in the morning where we talked about being a light to others and treating people with kindness. Then it was time for more games and climbing trees.
 Singing "This Little Light of Mine."
 The "Little Kids Orphanage."
 Such a cute little movie star :)
We love climbing trees!
Doing a little gymnastics.
Eating sour cherries.
That afternoon we got to have a pool party with some of the boys from the second orphanage. The Heart to Heart house has a pool in the backyard just for such purposes. It was fun to spend a little time with the kids doing something that many kids in America have been doing all summer long. This is a special treat for them. By the end of the summer many of the kids (except for some of the youngest) will have come to swim in the pool.

Saturday was by far the toughest day of my trip. Not because I was leaving the next day but because I woke up at 2:45 in the morning sick from food poisoning! I spent the day in bed (or in the bathroom) trying to stay cool despite temperatures spiking into the 95-98 degree Fahrenheit range. Meanwhile the members of the team not affected by food poisoning held a "family gathering" of sorts for some of the orphans who had graduated from the transition program. In hindsight I think God was preparing me to go home because I was ready to be with my family after my illness. If I hadn't gotten sick I might just have tried to stay in Romania!

All in all I had a wonderful trip. The kids touched my heart and I saw a great need. The kids need supplies and clothes but they also need someone to come and hug them and tell them they are special and love on them. I would love to go back after Christmas to spend time with them again.

Last, but certainly not least, I have to say a huge thank you to everyone who donated handmade items to the Eastern European and Russian Orphanages Project. I took 55+ handmade pieces of clothing and left them with the organizers of Heart to Heart to hand out to the kids once the weather gets colder.
This was the majority of the 45.2 pounds of my suitcase!
Now, 55 little people will be just a bit warmer this winter.

Next post it will be back to the knitting!

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