Monday, August 2, 2010

What, Exactly, Have I Been Accomplishing?

The answer: Not much. I take that back. Not much that I'm thrilled about. I finished the Jog-Less Stripes Hat.
3 alternating skeins of Berroco Cuzco. Pretty sure my colors were Naturale, Achiote, and Troll (I'm too lazy to go find the actual ball bands and I'm pretty sure one of the bands was used to kill a spider last night and got trashed...). US size 9 circulars. Used the jog-less stripes tutorial from Grumperina to get perfect striping. I, personally, love the colors. My issues: I've already mentioned that I should have cast on all in one color and then added the other 2 on the next row. My bigger problem with this is that it's just a smidge too big.
Notice in this picture how low I'm wearing the hat and how oddly it sticks up at the decrease point at the top. I did 4 sets of paired decreases (as opposed to the evenly spaced, spirally decreases I normally do) and it just doesn't want to sit right. I based the decreases off the Turn a Square Hat but I didn't actually look at that pattern to see when to start doing the decreases so I may have started them too late. I also alternated a decrease row with a plain row and I'm thinking I should have just decreased every row.
The hat just doesn't sit tightly on the top of your head. It's one of those things that I would list as a "minor inconvenience" when actually wearing it. It doesn't look horrible and it is nice and warm but it's just enough off that it makes me doubt my hat making abilities. Of course, I love to think I can knit just about anything without a pattern and I may be more than slightly delusional about that. My final attempt at a Hat That Actual Looks Decent and Will Fit Someone Other Than a Football Player will begin today after lunch.

I think some of my disappointment over the hat has been exacerbated by my almost displeasure with this knit:
The Steppe Sweater. My issue here: the yarn. I'm not sure if I love or hate the pooling at the bottom and the cream color (ribbing and collar) is just enough off that I notice it doesn't perfectly match. Other than that the sweater is going swimmingly. This is about 3 days work. Should be finished in under a week.

I think I'm in some weird stage where I'm nit picking my knitting to death. Why I've suddenly become so type A is beyond me. You would think if it bothered me so much I would just rip everything out and start again but the type B in me refuses to reknit a project when 90% of it turned out to my liking.

If I'm not careful I may drive myself mad.

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