Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I Don't Want to Talk About It

Ok, actually I do. I've got a new knitting project on the needles and it is going well. But we all know what happens to my knitting when I start talking about it on the blog (see previous entries involving hats). So, instead I'm going to wait. I will show you my second skew sock though. I hadn't talked about it in awhile but I knit a little on it over the weekend when I was house sitting for my parents. However, the Curse of the Blog Mention seems to still have an affect on knitted items that have laid dormant for some time. Exhibit A:
See that weird bump right after where I've joined the heel?
Oh yeah. Pretty sure that's not supposed to be there.
Exhibit B:
This would be the other side of the sock. Last time I checked my foot didn't take that drastic right turn after my heel. Nor does the other sock look anything like this. Luckily I can rip back pretty easily to where I grafted the heel (heel grafting...I know, it doesn't make sense...but this sock is like that...) and restart the leg. But just for good measure...
Exhibit C:
I managed to pull one of the needles out tonight as I was taking a picture (not my original plan). I guess it was going to come out anyways. Now I have a reason to leave the sock lying decoratively on my coffee table for awhile. As long as it doesn't start mocking me...

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Kate said...

Hey Mel,

I started a skew sock a while back, but wasn't having a ball (no pun intended) - how's the fit on your first one? Should I persevere? Is that an impolite question given your concerns as shown in this post? Why on earth am I rambling on like this? What happened to the off button? Maybe I should go back and look at some more pretties on the rest of your blog...yes, I think so. Just ignore all the foregoing, ok, and we'll pretend it never happened.