Monday, July 6, 2009

Belated Birthday and FO

Happy (Late) Birthday America!

Saturday morning (after driving back from New Orleans all day Friday) I woke up very early (after, unfortunately, not getting much sleep due to a hot room) and walked the Peachtree Road Race. I finished in about an hour and 40 minutes which I think was pretty good considering that the most I "trained" was about 2 miles. I got a t-shirt (in my size) so I was very happy.
Afterwards I went home and "grilled out" on my George Foreman so I observed the time honored traditions of July 4th.
Yesterday I was finally able to finish the test knit sweater.
I'm so glad that I finished this sweater. Unfortunately, I finished it the day after my brother left town so I couldn't get him to try it on and model it. It looks really good though. I need to get some pictures in better light and send them in to the lady I'm test knitting for. I may also try and wrangle one of my friends into trying this on for a few pictures...

Penelope was very interested in the picture taking.
She looks pretty evil in this picture. She's slightly nicer in person, I assure you.


ME215 said...

Congrats on the PT....I've never thought about walking it. I know runners who run but....I think we should walk it together next year.

Lynn said...

Good for you on the Peachtree Walk. This is something I think I want to do (eventually). It's too hot to do anything like that now here in Florida, but we probably have walks like this in the winter. MUCH easier to do then.

Great sweater!

velmalikevelvet said...

Happy belated birthday & congrats on your race finish! & thanks for visiting Velma's World. :)

Cheers, V