Saturday, November 10, 2012

Blessed Among Women, Parts 2 and 3

So, earlier this week I shared about how my really awesome friend David was moved to help me with some fundraising for my next trip to Romania. Well, there is more to the awesomeness. Part of which actually comes before the part with David.

One Monday about a week ago I got an email from a girl named Marissa who had been coming to my small group at church. Through a sequence of unusual events Marissa had learned that I had a small non-profit and wanted to help out. At first I was blown away because she was volunteering to work on this part time without pay. I have to admit for about a week I kept waiting for her to call and say that she had reconsidered. Last Saturday before I went to the Romanian church for services (and got my huge surprise) I met with Marissa to talk about the Eastern European and Russian Orphanages Project and how she might be able to help. Not only was Marissa totally serious about helping she was enthusiastic and ready to go! This was a blessing I have been wanting and thinking, "One day..." about for awhile now but to have her approach me was totally unexpected! I'm so pumped to have her on board and think she will be a great addition to the team.

The final part of the Weekend O' Blessings came on Sunday when I went to my crafting group at the church. Many of the ladies have been incredibly supportive of my work, especially our women's ministry leader, Debbie. On Sunday night she was a blessing by providing another donation to my Romania trip! Thanks to all those who donated I'm about $1500 away from having my total trip covered!

Last weekend was just a little reminder that in the midst of a lot of craziness and life God is still listening to my prayers...even the ones I haven't yet dared to pray.

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