Monday, August 13, 2012


If you have ever been a senior in high school or college or the parent of a senior in high school or college then you are probably familiar with senioritis. This inconvenient illness strikes some time during a senior's last semester and lasts until graduation. Symptoms include failing to do work on time and not giving a damn. Individuals with senioritis like to procrastinate, take frequent naps, and say things like, "It's really not that important" and "I'll do it after I finish watching season 3 of Dr. Who." The reality is, of course, that it is that important and it cannot wait until the end of season 3 of Dr. Who. Unless you have a tardis of course.

I'm sad to report that I have taken ill with senioritis. I've been feeling a little overwhelmed with school work (nothing new there) and I ended up getting a bit behind last week (actually not my fault there, the website I needed was down for a week). Well, after getting behind and having to turn in things a little late and not finishing everything right on time and not doing assignments up to my usual high standards because I just needed to get them done... I realized something...if I overload myself with school work and worry then I'm not doing myself any good. So, I need to take some breaks. I need to knit a little bit. Maybe exercise. Eat some ice cream. Take a nap. Quit killing myself with stress.

And so, I did.

You know what? Life went on. Things got done. Maybe not right on time but not so late that I can't make up for it later. And my mindset's better. I'm a little more peaceful.

And I might almost have a new pair of socks.

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