Sunday, January 29, 2012

While No One Was Watching

While no one was watching the Mossy Ridge socks were growing.
Actually, I was watching them grow. They are almost finished now, just lacking a few rounds for the toes. Just in time to wrap up the first month of knit alongs. But I lied to everyone. I did not complete these exactly as the pattern specified. I said in my last post the only change I was making was to hold the yarn doubled. Well, I read the directions wrong and instead of repeating the pattern as reads: Row 1 twice, Row 2 twice, I just alternated between row 1 and 2. Not that you or I or anyone else could really tell the difference. And of course with one project so close to being finished I'm ready to start another one. I'm thinking a shawl. In worsted weight of course. Nothing too tedious. I was thinking it might be a nice gift to some of the nurses at the special needs orphanages if they all got a nice shawl. February's knit along shawl is Citron (why did I choose a shawl in lace weight?) but I wonder if I could do it in worsted. I bet it would be out of control big. Let's find out, shall we?

Project count-up:
Charity: 2 completed, 1 almost off the needles
Self: 0
Family and Friends: 2 on the needles (wedding blanket and sister-in-law's socks)

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