Monday, October 31, 2011

Don't Hate

I'm about to confess something that will probably get me punched in the mouth the next time I'm out and about: I kind of wish I'd gotten some snow this week. Not the blizzard that slammed the Northeast but just a light dusting. We hardly ever have snow in Georgia. Last year we had a White Christmas with about an inch falling. It was the first White Christmas in 129 years. 129, people. Some places haven't been 129 years without a White Christmas. It's more likely that you'll see snow here in January or February. And one year we did have a blizzard in March. But October would signal hell freezing over. So, while I love the look of a "snow sky" (when the sky goes all grey or white just before it snows) my chances of getting snow this early are pretty slim. I think the idea of being stuck in the house all week like earlier this year must seem appealing or something. The coming of snow is also the end of the holiday season. By the time snow comes Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas are all done. And you know what that means? Christmas knitting is done too. And I'm ready to be done with Christmas knitting. I'm ready to be knitting on some new charity projects or making myself some new socks. But, alas, I have Christmas gifts to make. In fact, I have a quite a few I still need to finish. It might be important to note that I have only finished one (1) Christmas gift so far. This is not such a good thing. Maybe I can finish up the second tonight. The reason why I haven't gotten more done is that I took on a new nanny job and I've been baby-sitting lots more. And graduate school started back. These things now rule my life. So I generally try to stick to mindless things like washcloths.
Washcloths for a commissioned project.
I'm also trying to get a few rows in on the Log Cabin blanket too. Being all garter stitch helps in the mindless category.
*SLOWLY* growing.
Thankfully though, I have mindless projects to work on. Otherwise nothing might get accomplished around here.


Lynn said...

Only another southerner could understand this. I am SO not a snow person! However there is something to be said to be snug in a house under a quilt knitting/quilting/stitching away on a project with a nice warm beverage nearby. I lived in NY for 5 years and when we planned to move back to FL, some good friends had us over for dinner. Just the four of us. As I sat on her couch I looked around and TRULY drank it in. You dont get the same coziness in the South as you do in the north. I could take maybe 2 weeks of it. After that I'm more than happy to get back to my 70 degree weather. (have the air on right now actually, it got warm earlier!)

Anonymous said...

I grew up in Colorado, so we had snow every winter and quite a few white Christmases... Then living in Texas for the last 10 years, we normally only get a little sleet and ice in the winters... I MISS ME SOME SNOW!!!

VCFibers said...


I'm not surprised to find you share my sentiments about snow :)